Wouldn’t it be super cool if bars had axes instead of darts??

Mmmh, maybe not! Alcohol and dangerous weapons don’t go that well together. But now, you can practice your axe throwing skills safely at Ax Nation – the only official member of the Canadian NATF (National Ax Throwing Federation) in Europe.

Ax Nation has 5 tracks for up to 5 people each, which allows also bigger groups to play together.

Although you can play several axe games, I bet you’ll spend most of the time just practicing your throws. It can be REALLY hard to get your axe to sink deep in the wooden panel. But when you manage, it’s freaking satisfying!

Axe throwing is an “axe-llent” way to let go of stress and “rel-axe”, for both beginners and “ax-perts” alike.

— please forgive me for the obvious puns, but I couldn’t keep it any longer —

Check out our video 🙂

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