4 Best Shot Bars in Warsaw 

In this article, we write about the best shot bars in Warsaw, where you can get all sort of tiny drinks like vodka shots for 2PLN (.50 euros), traditional vodka&herring pairings, or less conventional alternatives, like the “fire in the hole” (we describe it later in the article).

Vodka is the cheapest liquor in almost any supermarket on earth (or at least in temperate countries). Because of its convenient price, most of us have decided to opt for this cheap liquor several times during our bachelor’s years. The brands sitting on the lowest shelf of the liquor store differ from country to country, but they all have three things in common: a Russian sounding name, a foul taste, and the potential for a 3 days long hangover.

You may think you are 1000% done with vodka because only the thought of it revives the memories of those bad hangovers. But quality vodka in Poland is a whole other story (check out this vodka tour if you want to know more. It’s smooth, likable and doesn’t give you such a terrible hangover. In this post, we suggest our favorite places for shots in Warsaw.


1) Ulubiona

Ulubiona literally means “favorite”.

Is Ulubiona our favorite shot bar? Probably not. Is it the one we end up most often? Definitely yes!

Ulubiona is conveniently located in Nowy Świat, not far from “Pawilony”, the Old Town, the center and the river. As a matter of fact, Ulubiona seems to be at the exact center of the Polish capital! Once you know where it is, you’ll end up there several times.

DO: get there, have one or “n” shots of whatever the vodka-of-the-day is (it costs 2PLN or 50 euro cents) and leave! The place is tinier than you think (it is probably smaller than your bathroom at home) so it gets crowded fast.

DON’T: hang out there forever. There are other thirsty souls passing by for their cut of cheap/quick liquor. ????

2) Pijalnia wódki i piwa

They make 13 different kinds of tiny vodka cocktails, served in shot glasses. They cost 4.3 PLN (1 €) and are amazing! I’m not suggesting this, but trying all of them won’t break the bank and will definitely get you tipsy (ok, a bit more than tipsy). There is one shot that crazy enough, tastes exactly like the “Coca-Cola Chupa Chups”!

DO: try their homemade lemon vodka. It’s delicious.

DON’T: try to pay in euros. Despite the fact that they pretend to be accepting euros, they are actually not accepting euro coins and most bills.

3) Czupito

Czupito is perhaps the craziest of all shot bars in Warsaw. Located in Mazowiecka, this place is right in the middle of the highest number of clubs in Warsaw.

It’s not so much about vodka and more about all sorts of insane shots. They boast an incredible menu with over 100 different shots, all of which are priced at an honest 5 PLN.

DO: get a “fire on the counter”. “Girl Scout” and “Boy Scout” come with a marshmallow which you can roast on a vodka-fueled fire at the bar.

DON’T: get a “Fire in the hole” (unless you are EXTREMELY tolerant to spicy food).  It is an infernal fire whirl of absinthe and tabasco. Here is a short video of me drinking the “fire in the hole”.

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.

4) Meta Seta Galareta

Meta seta galareta was designed to reflect the spirit of the communist era.

The design is bare and typical for that time. The food and vodka are rigorously Polish, cheap and unpretentious. 9 PLN for a shot of vodka and a Polish snack (they serve great tartare to pair with a vodka shot).

DO: order some traditional Polish snacks with your vodka shot (herring or beef tartare), sit at a table and enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

DON’T: order tartare if raw meat topped with raw yolk isn’t your thing.

Bonus 1: the Warsaw Pub Crawl

In the 1st bar, you will enjoy 2 beers or cocktails (vodka, rum, gin or whiskey). In each one of the next five party spots, you'll find a free welcome shot waiting for you.

To make things even crazier, you will have a chance to go out from your comfort zone and do one of our fun challenges. Show off and have fun together with others!
The pub crawl ends in a club in the center. Your wristband will grant you a free VIP entry pass.

Check out the Warsaw pub crawl here.

Bonus 2: the Warsaw Boat Party

Set sail on the Vistula River for a Saturday night that you will remember (or not? that depends on your drinking). Two hours of open bar, unlimited drinks, drinking games, party guides, and a full surround sound system. We have doubled down to give you 2 full hours of unlimited beer, rum, gin, vodka, and mixers...

VIP entry to the best clubs in Warsaw included! We receive priority entry to the best late night clubs and after parties in Warsaw. If you're still standing you will get a free shot upon entry to each club.

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The Best Shot bars in Warsaw:

1) Ulubiona

2) Pijalnia wódki i piwa

3) Czupito

4) Meta Seta Galareta

Bonus 1: the Warsaw Pub Crawl

Bonus 2: the Warsaw Boat Party


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