JANUARY 15 – 17 


We’ll be honest with you – this won’t be the most eventful of weekends. Pandemic restrictions, temperatures below zero, winter holidays are a trio pushing us into the soft cushions of our sofas with a view to binge-watch some series and order food from restaurants. But hey! Here are some pearls that we’ve found and want to share with you to make the weekend great again. Let’s take a look at TOP 7 events of the upcoming weekend.

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1) Prepare Italian snacks for the weekend – Ricciarelli macaroons workshop

Ricciarelli are Italian macaroons consumed at Christmas, usually served with a dessert wine. That sounds like a perfect combo for a weekend’s snack delight, doesn’t it? The recipe is quite simple and the whole production process takes less than half an hour. However, the secret to making a perfect ricciarelli lays in details. These will be disclosed by Cristina Catese – whom you might have seen cooking in morning shows on TV. Yep, we definitely want to take a bite of those heavenly biscuits.

when: Friday, January 15, from 16:00 to 16:45

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2) 2020. One Year at Protests – online and exhibition

The time has come to see how the protests of 2020 look like in retrospect photographs. While Women’s Strike has captivated the general public’s attention, there were also the LGBT community, Youth Climate Strike, Black Lives Matter, entrepreneurs, trade unionists, farmers on strike. Each had a distinct visual side to themselves. Photographers really stepped up their game and provided mind-blowing visual coverage. This is definitely something you don’t want to miss.

when: from Saturday, January 16, till Friday, January 29

where: different places in Warsaw, e.g. Świętokrzyska street, Na Rozdrożu square, Wilson’s square; available also on Facebook

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3) POLIN opens “The Legacy” exhibition 

POLIN Museum is great at exhibition kick-offs. This time they will open a new section of its core exhibition called the Legacy gallery. The gallery will be devoted to the Polish Jews whose accomplishments exceeded their times and cultural field. During the opening debate, the guests will talk about the difficult process of creating the new gallery and about the challenges they faced while working on the selection of its protagonists and themes. And the guests are Professor Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (leading Jewish studies expert, chief curator of the POLIN core exhibition), Professor Dariusz Stola (former director of POLIN Museum), and Dr. Tamara Sztyma (POLIN Museum curator). The debate will be available in Polish and English.

when: Sunday, January 17, from 20:00

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4) Theater goes all VOD 

Warsaw-based theaters prepared quite a rich portfolio for the weekend. If the Polish language is not your thing yet, you might want to watch “Secret life of Paintings” – a musical collage in which arias from various operas serve to tell a story visualized on the pictures of Baroque geniuses of painting. The premiere is set on Saturday at 19:00 on Teatr Wielki’s VOD platform (link).

If you already have the basic communicative skills in Polish, we recommend “Pinocchio” from Nowy Teatr. Carlo Collodi’s classic was heavily overdone by Joël Pommerat – a French director and auteur. It is a story about freedom, rebellion, and finding one’s own identity. The cast is truly stellar as it features Magdalena Cielecka, Maciej Stuhr, and Magdalena Popławska. The play will be available on Nowy Teatr’s VOD platform on Saturday at 17:00 (link).

5) Millennium Docs Against Gravity VOD platform 

Quite a straightforward thing – this is a platform containing the best documentaries of the last couple of years. The festival became a household name a few years ago, so now their move into online seems only logical. The service will stay for longer, so no rush watching over 80 positions in its library. New titles are also premiering regularly. This week’s big hit seems to be the Berlinale 2013 winner – “The Broken Circle Breakdown” about a couple of bluegrass musicians struggling with their daughter’s serious illness.

VOD platform

6) Poland. The Power of Images. – an online exhibition

The National Museum went the extra mile to prepare an engaging exhibition experience in cooperation with Huawei. As a result, we got a 3D walk showcasing the masterpieces of Polish pictorial arts. You can take a really detailed look at the works of Jan Matejko, Stanisław Wyspiański, Jacek Malczewski, and many others. A true delight and a deeply immersing experience if you have VR goggles.

virtual walk

7) Ice swimming


Ice swimming is definitely becoming a thing this winter. Almost everybody is doing it. There are undisputed benefits of the activity – reducing stress, boosting the immune system, increasing libido, and many others. Those of you who suffer from any cardiac or blood circulation problems, or struggle with kidney issues should contact their GP first. Experienced swimmers advise you to take neoprene diving socks, a towel, a foam pad, a hat, gloves, shoes (in which you will be comfortable to warm up and in which your feet will easily warm up after swimming) and a thermos with hot tea. Wear your swimsuit already and warm, loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on.

when: Sunday, January 17, from 12:00

where: Jeziorko Czerniakowskie


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