JANUARY 22 – 24


This weekend is all about music, dance, and showing appreciation for the input into Warsaw’s artistic legacy. We present the top 5 events of the weekend and hope that they will help you make it through another winter weekend.

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1) Learn how to trot like a fox on pre-war dances workshop

Weekends in Warsaw have always been about dancing. So why won’t we learn the moves that rocked the dancefloors before WWII struck the city? The first workshop in a series organized by the Polish Academy of Traditional Dance will teach the basics of the foxtrot. The dance is said to be the world’s quickest walk. Hopefully, that will inspire us to take an actual stroll in Łazienki Royal Park or to cross-country ski in Powsin. The instructional video will remain available on YouTube after the workshop ends.

when: Friday, January 22, from 15:00

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2) Space out with Wojtek Mazolewski TRIO’s jazz

Wojtek Mazolewski is the leading persona in contemporary Polish jazz and a forefather of a new music genre called yass. The idea is simple – give jazz artists the chance to create an engaging musical space where all the problems of the pandemic-ridden world fade away. Let’s give it a try, we say.

when: available from Saturday, January 23, from 12:00 to Sunday, January 24, to 00:00

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3) Jah Love Soundsystem plays for Pogłos

We really like Pogłos – it has always had interesting events, good food, and drinks were not bad either. It would be a shame to see a place like that crumble under the weight of pandemic restrictions. So if you also don’t want to allow another bright spot on Warsaw’s entertainment map to turn off their light for good, please tune in to the streaming. You will get your share of groovy beats and will be able to donate to a worthy cause.

when: Saturday, January 23, from 17:00

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4) The best of the worst – “The Crazies” by George Romero

Should you enjoy watching films that are so bad that they make you cringe, this is a series that you have been waiting for. George Romero is the famed creator of “Night of the Living Dead” and the films he subsequently made were no better. The viewing will be preceded by a short lecture by dr Jacek Rokosz – the mastermind behind “The Best of the Worst” cycle. After the film, you will be able to take part in a ZOOM discussion to share your thoughts.

when: Friday, January 22, from 20:00

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5) Concert and city game to celebrate Baczyński’s Year

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński was a poet said to be the voice of the inter-war era youth. He died during the Warsaw Rising in 1944. This year marks the 100th anniversary of his birthday. The Polish Parliament honored him by naming 2021 the Year of Baczyński. The celebrations kick off this weekend with Mela Koteluk’s concert featuring his lyrics.

when: Saturday, January 23, from 20:00

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That’s not all, though. There will also be a city game in Mokotów that will allow you to learn more about him and his contemporaries. Registration is required.

when: Saturday, January 23, from 10:00

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