Majówka is just around the corner, so it’s time to review the most interesting events in Warsaw. Yet again you don’t have to leave the capital to have a great time and rest. The event menu is just stunning. Check out our top picks in #Warsawesome. 

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1) Powiśle is back!

BULWARY ARE COMING BACK! The iconic spot comes back to life again for the summer season. Where will you get the most of the weekend?

  • In the FALA pavilion on Płyta Desantu, where you can delight in delicacies from Lokal Vegan Bistro, bounce to the beats of Warsaw DJ icons, or just chill in a deckchair; FB event.
  • In Warsaw Powiśle (ul. Kruczkowskiego 3b), where the Funk Band will try to revive the legendary atmosphere mentioned that Millennials still remember quite vividly; FB event.
  • Crazy three days are going down at Zabraniecka 82. There, the “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN” festival will start on Friday, April 29, at 12:00 and will continue non-stop until noon on Monday, May 2. The theme of Friday will be psy-trans, on Saturday the stage will be taken over by speedcore and rave velocity, and Sunday will get a bit easier with dub. Interesting new place with a Berlin-like vibe; FB event

2) Inaugural shows at the Multimedia Fountain Park

For several years, Warsaw legends have been the inspiration for multimedia fountain shows. After the stories about the mermaids, the Prince Bear, Wars and Sawa, it’s time for the story of the Golden Duck. It is a touching story of a poor baker who, after a moment of abusing the wealth he has been given, chooses honest work and love. The hero’s struggle – from the initial joy and excitement to the reflection that all the riches of the world are worthless – is illustrated by the songs of Kora and Maanamu. A spectacular event coming up!

when: from Sunday to Tuesday, May 1-3, at 21:30

where: Multimedia Fountain Park

FB event 


3) European Picnic

On May 1, Poland will celebrate the 18th anniversary of joining the European Union. To honor that, in Multimedia Fountain Park, there will be concerts of European artists and shows of national dances from various EU countries. Actors of Teatr Akt will symbolically “visit” various places in Europe and perform short scenes inspired by music, dance, or other national motifs. Another attraction on Sunday afternoon will be the performance of the artists of the Roma Musical Theater, who will present an overview of the greatest hits from their repertoire. Numerous games and workshops as well as an educational creative playground await the youngest. All details at the FB event.

The second part of the Picnic will be held in Łazienki Królewskie. As part of the celebration, all attractions of the park can be visited for free. Between 11:00 and 14:00 in the alleys, we will also meet parading orchestras. Numerous workshops for children and adults will be organized in Stajnie Kubickiego. All details are on the event page.

At this point in history, we need to appreciate positive European values, learn more about various cultures, and reflect on our own national identity.

when: Sunday, May 1, from 10:00  


4) Siała Baba Rap

Female rappers are a power to reckon with in the hip-hop scene all over the world. They also have their own festival in Warsaw. The main slogan of the event is “From the girls – for everyone”. The event promotes sisterhood, developing artistic talents, and passions, expressing oneself through music and art, and expressing one’s opinions in a male-dominated environment. 

Female DJs, rap artists, vocalists as well as representatives of broadly understood urban music and dancers related to many varieties of street dance are the essence and the focus of the evening. Graffiti artists are also involved. We are really looking forward to the concert of DJ Praktyczna Pani – the first woman to win the title of the Champion of Poland and finalist of the Redbull Music 3style World Championship. 

The positive message and good music. That is a strong recommendation.

when: Friday, April 29, from 21:00

where: Food Town in the Norblin Factory – ul. Żelazna 51/53

FB event


5) Prague Balcony Disco 

Go to Praga to feel as if you were in a warmer place in Europe, where merry parades are a tradition. And as the weather is supposed to be good, let’s celebrate in this joyful way. A platform with DJs will pass through the streets of Praga Północ. You will hear the greatest hits of the 80s and 90s as well as other popular songs. If this is your district, invite your friends over. If you have friends there, tell them to get their balcony ready. Otherwise, you can simply join the event on the street or take a seat in one of the many pubs and bars on Ząbkowska.

when: Saturday, April 30th, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

where: Praga Północ

Broadcast of the event on Facebook: link


6) Holidays in Sicily with yoga and kitesurfing

Please remember about our kitesurfing and yoga camp in Sicily. We are flying there for eight days: from July 2 to 9. Our base will be set in BirgiVecchi – a charming village with amazing kite spots. We will be staying in studio apartments with local hosts. The daily schedule will begin with yoga practice with our favorite teacher – Dominika Gryz, and then we will go kitesurfing at Rock’n’Ride Camp. There will also be one more yoga session in the evening to regenerate the body and mind. In the meantime, we will be serving Italian delicacies made on the spot, from local products. We will also go on local trips and excursions. Register today, tell your friends, and let’s go!

All information and the registration form can be found at the FB event.

The registration is open until May 10.

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