These apps are must-haves and will make your life easier in Poland:

  • SkyCash
  • Transferwise
  • Millennium App
  • Jak Dojade
  • ZTM Warszawa
  • Veturilo
  • Acro Bikes
  • Taxi Apps
  • Pizza Portal
  • uber eats
  • MCDonalds
  • moj orange

What you need to know before you read:

  1. We are frequent users of most of the apps listed below and the suggestions are 100% genuine.
  2. Here and there you’ll see a referral code that grants you (and me) a small discount. Win-win.
  3. If you sign up and transfer money through Transferwise we’ll get a small commission (at no extra cost for you). Thanks for supporting us! 🙂

Let’s get started.


1) SkyCash. A nice Multipurpose App

SkyCash is the best app you knew nothing about.

You can buy bus tickets in a matter of seconds, purchase cinema tickets that allow you to skip the line, or pay for parking fees without the need to find a parking tower. Very useful!

Actually, if you have a good banking app you can do such things already (more about the Millennium app later).

More stuff you can do with SkyCash:

  • Buy train tickets
  • Withdraw cash without a card (only from Euronet ATMs)
  • Pay bills
  • Get small travel insurance policies
  • Top up your phone, electricity meter or even your STEAM account (PC games) or PlayStation account.

2) Transferwise

Being an expat, you probably know about this one already.

Transferwise is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer money abroad. Banks and other providers could charge you up to 5% in hidden costs when sending money abroad, whereas TransferWise is transparent with the fees. Moreover, “90% of the transfers from the UK to Europe are completed within 1 business day”. Which is awesome if you need to move your money quickly.

Transferwise Website.

Google Play

App Store

3) Millennium App

I use Millennium since the beginning of my stay in Poland. I don’t know about other apps or bank accounts, but I can vouch for this one.

I got a bank account without Pesel, the employee spoke English and the app (also in English) is really nice compared to the other two I have (for the Dutch and Italian accounts).

Some of the features:

  • Fingerprints login
  • Phone top-ups
  • Possibility to buy bus tickets in seconds
  • Same for parking tickets

Google Play

App Store


4) Jak Dojade

A good alternative to the obvious Google Maps, jak dojade allows you to plan your trip with public transport.

Google Play

App Store

5) ZTM Warszawa

Very simple and old looking app, but it allows you to check the schedule for any line in Warsaw. Quite handy.

Google Play

6) Veturilo

You know this. Rent the popular Warsaw public bikes in one tap.

Google Play

App Store

7) Acro Bikes

Contrary to Veturilo, Acro Bikes can be left almost anywhere you want in Warsaw (no need to find a docking station). Read more about biking in Warsaw.

Google Play

App Store

8) Taxi Apps

We already compared the best taxi apps in Poland in a separate post. Find out which one is the cheapest here.

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.




The most popular app to order food online.

Google Play

App Store

10) Pizzaportal

An alternative to pyszne, it offers a different pool of restaurants. You can also order Burger King and KFC with free delivery.

Google Play

App Store

11) uber eats

Another alternative to pyszne, it allows you to order food to a different pool of restaurants. Thanks to UBER wide network of drivers and to UBER technology, delivery can be quicker (and you can track the order in real time).

15 zł Coupon code (first order only): eats-federicom986ui

Google Play

App Store

12) Mcdonalds

You can check what are the currently available offers super quickly. Right now the Big Mac Menu is just 10 PLN.

Google Play

App Store


13) moj orange

I am using Orange as my mobile operator because of this incredibly cheap deal described here. If Orange is also your operator, you should download this app. It makes it seamless to find offers, top up your phone and check your remaining credit and bonuses.

I haven’t used apps for other mobile operators, so I’m not so comfortable suggesting them.

Google Play

App Store


14) BallSquad

This idea is the brainchild of a Polish startup and the app is still in beta testing. It will make it easy to book sports facilities in your neighborhood, create teams of players and interact with other players.

For now, only the website is available (in Polish and English):

More apps worth suggesting? Please comment below.

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