About Federico

Hi! I am Federico, an Italian guy with a burning passion for Warsaw! Awesome to see you here!

Pepe Housing Promo Code

Pepe Housing Promo Code: save 10% off your rental fee Pepe Housing is an online rental platform for international students coming to Poland. Made by Erasmus students for Erasmus students. On Pepe Housing marketplace, you can find a wide offer of handpicked rooms (and flats) from all over Poland. Pepe Housing allows you to [...]

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WARSAWESOME: YOUR WARSAW WEEKEND GUIDE (July 21-22) Some exciting markets and food festivals, of course. But also paintball matches, football competitions, running trainings, an board game evenings. Find out what else you can expect this weekend. 1) Raquel André "Collection of Lovers” This performance will allow us to explore relationships from a different point of view. What are [...]

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CONCERTS GUIDE (July 9 – July 22)

WARSAW BIWEEKLY CONCERTS GUIDE (July 9 – July 22) Warsaw is not only Chopin, opera and ballet. The city has changed so much during the last years, Clubs and bars coming and going as fast as lightning. Thanks to this guide you'll be on top of what's going on in Warsaw, so that you [...]

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