The Warsaw Improv Festival 2018

The Warsaw Improv Festival 2018 The Warsaw Improv Festival 2018 (2nd WIFe) is an international event for all enthusiasts and lovers of theatrical improvisation and alternative comedy. It is organized by the Klancyk Foundation and Szkoła Impro in cooperation with Resort Komedii, Kino Muranów, and Instytut Teatralny. Klancyk are the best improvisers in Poland, I've seen them perform a couple of times (in English) and I am [...]

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BEER. › VISIT A CRAFT BREWERY › DRINK SEVERAL BEERS* › LEARN HOMEBREWING (in English) This Beer Brewing Workshop will take place in the first (and only) craft brewery in Warsaw. What can you expect from the workshop?   1) Information about craft brewing. How did it start? Where are we heading?   2) [...]

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Polish Independence Day – What to do in Warsaw when everything is closed?

Polish Independence Day The 11th of November is one of the most significant national holidays in Poland. This date symbolizes the day in which Poland regained its sovereignty after 123 years of partition (Poland didn't exist for 123 years). At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting. [...]

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