Axe Throwing in Warsaw

AXE THROWING IN WARSAW Wouldn’t it be super cool if bars had axes instead of darts?? Mmmh, maybe not! Alcohol and dangerous weapons don’t go that well together. But now, you can practice your axe throwing skills safely at Ax Nation - the only official member of the Canadian NATF (National Ax Throwing Federation) [...]

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Flotation Tanks (sensory deprivation) in Warsaw

Flotation Tanks (sensory deprivation) in Warsaw Eleven from Stranger Things used a sensory deprivation tank in order to enhance her psychic powers. Sensory Deprivation Tanks, however, are not just an invention of science fiction movies, they are actually used all over the world (mainly in the US) as a therapy or as a deep [...]

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The Alchemist GastroPub: one Beer Wall to Rule Them All

THE ALCHEMIST GASTROPUB Born from the burning desire to create an experience - rather than just another spot on the map of Warsaw - The Alchemist Gastropub shines thanks to its unique concept, attention to detail and customer service. Set far aside from both the tourist traps scattering the Old Town, as well [...]

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