WARSAW THROUGH STORIES This is a Warsaw you haven’t seen before. Or better yet, a Warsaw you haven’t heard about before. We at Odd Urban Things call Warsaw home, but little do we know about the infinite stories that could be told about the city. As a matter of fact, you could talk to [...]

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Winter Activities in Warsaw

Winter Activities in Warsaw    The days are short and the temperatures are low, but if you leave the comfort of your warm couch there are plenty of things to do in Warsaw in winter. We already talked about the Christmas Markets in Warsaw and we made a video of the Warsaw Lighting Festival, [...]

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12 Unique Reasons to Visit Warsaw

12 Unique Reasons to Visit Warsaw What is it that Warsaw does better than almost every other city in Europe? It turns out that there are quite a few reasons that make Warsaw a highly desirable place to visit, especially as a cheap and different gateway in Europe. Here are some pretty darn good [...]

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