3 Hidden Cocktail Bars in Warsaw

3 HIDDEN COCKTAIL BARS YOU (PROBABLY) KNOW NOTHING ABOUT You know about speakeasies, right? During the prohibition era in the US, a speakeasy was the only place where you could get a drink. Illegally, of course. Although speakeasies have lost their illegal nature, it is still SO intriguing and exciting to visit them. Do [...]

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“DAWN BY WISłA” (Nadwiślański Świt) Warsaw

"DAWN BY WISłA” (Nadwiślański Świt) Parking was a breeze. As they entered they were admired with smiles from the wait staff. The weather on this calm, Sunday afternoon, allowed them to choose from outdoor or indoor seating. "Oh hello puppy! So cuuuute!" The inside felt more comfortable. Less wind, just enough sunlight. The interior [...]

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KOKO&ROY. NEW YORK CITY'S DINING IN WARSAW Koko&Roy is the brainchild of Annah Syta (AKA Koko) - an enthusiastic creative director with an excellent eye for details -  and Jonathan Roy - an experienced restaurant owner from New York. The idea of opening Koko & Roy sparked after several visits to Warsaw - when [...]

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Best Restaurants in Warsaw

BEST RESTAURANTS IN WARSAW Which are the best restaurants in Warsaw? Although this is not an easy question to answer, we did our best to make a list that will satisfy the needs of locals and visitors alike. In a city overrun with food options, your biggest mistake would be winging it and entering [...]

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